Get Hitched – Twin Flame Soul Mate 28 Day Masterclass

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Week One - Clean the Clutter

Step one to removing blocks is to clean up the clutter. **Mark lesson as complete, although you have all week to do it so that you can move on to the daily lesson**


Decluttering never sounds like a good time. However, if you want to attract a soul love into your life, then this is a must.

The most crucial room to take care of is your bedroom. Second is if you have a master bath attached to the bedroom. The rest of the house is next.

If you haven't used it in a year - toss it or donate it.

If it is something that has sentimental value (but is not attached to a previous romantic relationship) and it brings you JOY when you see it, keep it out. If it brings tears or sadness, pack it away.

ANYTHING attached to a previous romantic relationship (minus children, pets, or plants) needs to be tossed, donated, or packed away. What you pack away, it's best to either store it at another person's house or rent a storage unit. 

You can't invite new energy into your space if old energy is still there. Two things cannot occupy the same space & that includes energy.

Don't worry about clothes this week - that's next week's exercise.

After you declutter, make sure you give your place a proper dusting and vacuum.


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