Get Hitched – Twin Flame Soul Mate 28 Day Masterclass

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Soul Mate & Twin Flame

Before we jump in on attracting a soul mate or twin flame, let's cover the different classifications of our soul connections.

All souls have the ability for a soulful connection. All souls are energy, and all energy is connected. However, the closer the soul connection is to the soul, the easier the relationship is to make. For example, you are connected to every other human on this planet. Regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, or social, economic status, we all have the same origins.

You would be a closer match biologically to your sibling as opposed to your uncle, second cousin, or Billy Bob in Kalamazoo. The same train of thought applies to souls; you are closer “energy-wise” to a member of your soul circle than of a soul from an adjacent soul circle.

Classifications of Soulful Connections 

From what I’ve been able to ascertain, here are seven rankings of a soulful connection. From the closest connection to the furthest connection:

- Twin Flame

- Soul cluster

- Soul family

- Soul group

- Soul circles

- Soul adjacent

- Soul mate

To explain each link, I’m going to use eggs as my example. Stay with me; this is the easiest way I have found to distinguish between each soul connection.



Soul Mates as Eggs Example

Twin flame: Take an egg from a carton & half it. Each side of that egg is each other’s twin flame.

Soul Cluster: The closest 2 or 3 eggs (4 to 6 halves or souls) to you in the carton.

Soul Family: The rest of the eggs in the carton (11 eggs = 22 halves)

Soul Group: The cartons of eggs in one shipping crate.

Soul Circle: All the eggs on the farm.

Soul Adjacent: All the eggs from neighboring farms.

Soul Mate: Every egg in existence on some level is related to a soul level.

So as you can see - all souls are connected one way or the other. The closer a soul is to you, the stronger the connection is &, the quicker you have a "feel" that there is a connection.


For the Purpose of this Masterclass

You are attracting a soul mate that will fall into the classification of a soul group. A soul group contains your soul family, soul cluster, and twin flame. We are not trying to attract a soul mate from your soul circle or further out like a soul adjacent. 

Any questions about this, please put in the comments below and I will answer.