Get Hitched – Twin Flame Soul Mate 28 Day Masterclass

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  Week Two
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  Week Four


Welcome to the "Get Hitched: Soul Mate/Twin Flame Masterclass." Over the next 28 days, the goal is to shift your energy, drop your blockages, and attract a soul love into your life for a long-term relationship.

You must do every lesson. No matter how easy it appears, each step you take builds on the action before it.

Your blockages to love did not happen overnight. Nor, will they disappear overnight.  That's why you must be kind to yourself.

Be gentle. Be loving. Be firm in your intent to attract a soul love.

Each week will consist of two parts:

1) Weekly environmental energy shift.
2) Daily personal energy shift.

By shifting your energy and the energy around you, the blockages will dissolve, and the manifestation of a soul love will commence.

Before you jump into the first lesson, grab yourself a notebook and a pen with red ink.