Get Hitched – Twin Flame Soul Mate 28 Day Masterclass

  Week One
  Week Two
  Week Three
  Week Four

Daily One - I am Perfect

Each day you will take your notebook & red ink pen and write the affirmation 3x and then the writing assignment below it.
  1. Commit yourself to daily writing.
  2. Don't critique your writing. Don't edit your writing. What comes out STAYS. 
  3. Listen to your intuition on what you write and how much you write. You cannot do any wrong here, so do not judge yourself.


I Am Perfect.

We all have imperfections, and those imperfections are what makes us perfect.

Write the affirmation in your notebook, 3x. Repeat the declaration to yourself, out loud 3x today.


Writing Assignment

Under your 3x affirmation, write a love note to yourself from your soul love, keeping in mind that they love you with your imperfections. Allow yourself to write without first thinking each word to death.

Do not spend longer than 20 minutes writing the note.

Questions? Ask in the comments below.